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Our Mission

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Second Zion Spiritual Temple was founded on July 5, 1968 under the leadership of the late Bishop Jimmie L. Brown, Sr. While we have had several homes over the years, we are proud to serve the Mount Pleasant community in Cleveland, Ohio. We have served in this location for over 40 years now. Under the leadership of Pastor Johnnie Evans, Jr. we are continuing the legacy of service to others.



Reaching People Where They Are: Living out Matthew 25. We seek to reach people where they are and bring them to Christ so that their lives are built up and transformed by the power of God's word that they may go forth and be productive in the Kingdom of God.


Pastor Johnnie Evans, Jr. and Lady Evans began serving as Pastor of the Second Zion Spiritual Temple March 2011. He is currently seeking his Master of Theology from Newburgh Theological Seminary. Pastor Evans is dedicated to serving others in ministry by reaching them where they are. He has a heart for outreach ministry especially where the youth are concerned. He is also a singer, song writer, and mentor.


Pastor and Lady Evans have celebrated over 30 years of marriage. They are proud parents, grandparents, and god parents. They have proven over and over again that what God has joined together no man can put asunder.

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